The all-new, almost-the-same

Apple gave its website a little facelift overnight, adding a darker navigation bar, and quite a few animations. You'll need Safari or Chrome to see the animations, as they don't work in Firefox. I'm not willing to warm up my Windows 7 VM to test the site in Internet Explorer. So, do us all a favor and go view it in Safari, the way Apple intended.

The most notable thing I'm noticing is the speed of the site. It has clearly been optimized to be lightning fast for Safari, because it's even just a tick slower feeling in Chrome.

Overall, it is a nice update that leaves Apple's site familiar, but completely refreshed. Also, go click in the site's search bar, it's a nice little animation (in Safari or Chrome).

P.S. The Apple Store iOS app prompts users to download an as-yet unavailable update to the app. I'd expect it soon.