Year One

One year ago today, I relaunched my previous efforts in blogging as techēse. To celebrate, some changes are going into effect.

  • When I launched techēse, i thought it was imperative to bring all my content that I'd ever written. I have since seen the light and realized that focus is more important. So I have culled out many posts that didn't fit right with the mission of techēse. Granted there are a few in the archives that likely don't follow this criteria, but they likely have sentimental value to me. More or less, anything after 1 Feb 2010 should be fairly in focus for this site.
  • There have been some design tweaks. Not many, but some. These have been quietly rolled out over the past few weeks. The most notable is that the gray-to-white gradient background, which was a standard on Squarespace, has been replaced by a textured gray. It isn't a huge change, but I think it gives the site a better overall feel.
  • The main area of the site has been renamed from journal (another Squarespace default) to articles. I know this breaks the permalink for any site that had linked back to an article, but I felt this was a contextual necessity for the mood of the site. I'm not writing to present a glorified diary, I'm writing to present news and opinions on technology. Articles makes more sense to me. If you have previously linked to this site, all you need to do is change journal to articles in your current permalink.
  • This is a big one. Comments are disabled for all future posts. First, I have come to believe that comments on individual posts do not foster valuable discussion. It is possible for this to happen, but it is rare. More often than not, comments are used for anonymous flippant retorts. Second, the comment system has been abused by spam. I receive far more spam via the comment system than discussion from actual readers. That is why I switched it to editor approval a while back. Now I am taking the system offline. Please write to me using either the contact page or via one of the Twitter accounts listed in the sidebar.

The site is a work in progress. I am constantly polishing ambiguities in the design, optimizing for making the content stand out. If you have any suggestions, please write in.