A Success Story

Earlier this month, on January 6th, the Mac App Store opened. I previously wrote about some developers throwing their chips all in. One of those developers was the folks behind Pixelmator, one of the lightest, fastest, and most well-designed image editors available for the Mac.

Well, so far, it has paid off for them. To the tune of one million dollars. Within 20 days. That’s $50,000/day. Or look at it this way, to reach $1M, Pixelmator had to sell 33,345 copies. Comparatively, Adobe would have to sell 1,428 copies of Photoshop at $700 per copy. Adobe can reach the goal faster, but in a race to $1M, Pixelmator has more users.

And if you ask me, Pixelmator is a fantastic alternative to Photoshop for prosumers.