iPhone 4 + Verizon

Verizon just wrapped up its press conference where they announced a CDMA iPhone 4. Some highlights:

  • $199/$299 for 16GB/32GB, respectively. Not surprising.
  • Mobile Hotspot Included. Impressive! AT&T has some competition now. (Where’s my free Mobile Hotspot, AT&T?)
  • CDMA iPhone 4 Doesn’t Do Simultaneous Voice/Data, just like other CDMA Phones. Not surprised. Not a necessary feature, but it is one I do like on AT&T. Of course, free Mobile Hotspot would be better.
  • Verizon’s iPhone is not LTE. I’m not surprised at all. LTE isn’t ready for showtime in Apple’s book. I’d be surprised if the next iPhone on Verizon supported LTE. After that, maybe.
  • The CDMA iPhone is a mutli-year, non-exclusive agreement. Can you say Sprint iPhone? Not an if, but a when.
  • Existing Verizon customers can pre-order on 3 February, everyone else on 10 February from Verizon and Apple Stores. Nice to see Verizon taking care of their own first. A lot of folks have been waiting for a long while.

That’s about it. Verizon has an FAQ page.

Sidenote: Still not going to switch, but that Mobile Hotspot sure is tempting.