Keep Track of Your Delivery's Status

My favorite retailer is Amazon, and I am the benefactor of a perpetually gifted Amazon Prime account (thanks, Mom!), so it stands to reason that I have a couple deliveries to track every month.

So there’s this great little utility I use called Delivery Status. It’s made by this outfit called Junecloud, and is available both as a free Mac OS X Dashboard widget and a wonderful universal iOS app that is worth every penny.

On Saturday, Junecloud celebrated the fifth anniversary of Delivery Status, giving a brief overview of its history, and some new developments.

Here’s what great about Delivery Status: it supports just about any courier you could shake a stick at, but it also lets you mark your most used couriers, so you don’t have to hunt and peck through the massive list. Then you just enter your order/tracking number, and it gives you updates all the way up to delivery. Heck, it even shows you where the delivery is on a map. Great stuff.

The widget and the app are both extremely well designed and are refined further with every update. At the very least, treat yourself to the free Dashboard widget. However, I highly recommend picking up the iOS app. It’s usually $4.99, but for a little while, it is $2.99.

Now, go order something with my Amazon affiliate link and track it right to your doorstep.