AT&T Seems Worried

AT&T seems to be attempting some damage control today on Twitter before Verizon’s big event tomorrow.

AT&T Tweets

Personally, I think AT&T and Verizon both suck in their own ways. What I will be glad to see come tomorrow is consumer choice for a carrier. Fact is, Neither carrier covers everywhere. Some places have better AT&T coverage than Verizon coverage. And vice versa.

Will I be switching? No. I’m in contract until mid-2012, AT&T coverage is fine in my city (or at least in my home. There are some a couple dead spots around town), and the number one place I travel to several times a year (South Dakota) is getting AT&T coverage any time now.

But I am glad that those people who want an iPhone, but either can’t or don’t have decent AT&T coverage, will be able to get an iPhone on Verizon.

Either way, it’s still fun to sit back and watch AT&T wet themselves.