Looks Like the iPhone is Getting a New Coverage Map

So, Verizon sent out some invitations to an event next week in new York. Of course, the Internet lit up with rumors of a Verizon iPhone, and I promptly dismissed them as I figured such an announcement would be made by Apple and not Verizon. Then the Wall Street Journal threw in its two cents saying the event is indeed about the iPhone coming to Verizon.

That certainly caught my attention, as the Wall Street Journal has a great track record with Apple-related rumors. But I was still hung up about who the announcement was coming from.

The Chairman Gruber convinced me. Of course Apple can’t host it. Verizon is going to bash AT&T, and AT&T is still Apple’s partner.

So yes, things are definitely looking like a confirmed Verizon iPhone announcement. iPhone owners: will you be switching from AT&T to Verizon as soon as possible?

Me? I don’t have many issues with AT&T. I have great coverage here Lincoln, Nebraska, and only have troubles when traveling, which is only a few days per year. I may consider when my contract is up in Summer 2012, but I’m not going to shell out termination fees on two iPhone 4’s just to switch carriers when AT&T is doing just fine for me.