The New Nike+ Running App

To go hand-in-hand with the new Nike+ website launched earlier this month, Nike has released Nike+ Running 4.0 (née Nike+ GPS). The refreshed app is now free and has a new interface that lines up with the website’s new features. NikeFuel is now shown cumulatively and on each run. It will also automatically tag the weather for your route, so all you need to report is how you felt and what kind of terrain you ran on.

Another nice new feature (also on the website) is the ability to tag which shoes you were wearing, as Nike+ will then keep track of how many miles you have put on them. When it is time for new shoes, you can retire your old ones from the settings.

Another little gem is the ability to delay the start of your run by 3, 6, or 9 seconds. This would be useful in a race, so you could tap the start button on your iPhone a few seconds before crossing the start line, so your arm isn’t blocking the tracker in your bib. iPhones will vibrate when the app has started tracking you, as well (iPods just get an audio notification).

This is a great update to my favorite fitness app.