Tweetbot is a new Twitter client that debuted yesterday in the App Store. Rather than write ad nauseum about it, I suggest you read Shawn Blanc's excellent review.

My brief thoughts are:

  • This app is really polished.
  • I love the gesture support, especially the slide right and left actions.
  • Being able to use a list as a main timeline is a thoughtful feature that hasn't been done this well until now. It makes me want to do a better job at curating my lists. I hope other clients take note.
  • I also love Tapbot's solution for the bottom tab bar. Having the last two items be configurable is a great UI and UX solution. I hope Apple takes note on this one, because the "More" tab they use sucks.

Tweetbot is two bucks right now for a limited time. I have no idea when it will go up, or by how much. But for two bucks, this is worth having in your arsenal.

I do have to mention one thing though. As much I like Tweetbot, and I think it is as good, or perhaps better than the official Twitter app, I am still sticking with Twitterrific as my main client. I like Twitterrific's unified timeline, the themes, and the interaction. Maybe it's just what I am used to. Though I do love that Twitterrific has a unified experience across the iPhone (and iPod), iPad, and Mac.

Regardless, when I do feel the need to occassionally reach for a backup client, that will now be Tweetbot, instead of Twitter for iPhone.