Square Now Available in Apple Stores

One of my favorite devices I've begun to use in the past year is my Square credit card reader. It allows me to take credit card payments using my iPhone or iPad, without a monthly fee, merchant account, or contract. They simply take 2.75% off each transaction, and the money is usually in my bank account by the next business day. Simple.

I've written about it before.

Today, Square's CEO, Jack Dorsey announced that the Square reader is available today in every Apple Store in the US, and from Apple's online store. Normally, if you get a Square directly by requesting one from their site, it is free. At Apple is costs you $9.95 up front, and then when you create your account you get $10 back. Not bad.

This is a fantastic move for Square, and I hope more folks start using it.

As an added bonus, they just updated the app yesterday, and the iPhone, iPod touch, and Android interfaces now let you factor in sales tax, something that has been available on the iPad for some time. That's a very welcome addition for many small businesses.

If you don't have a Square, get one.