Google Extends Chrome for Mac

Google has had a rising star over the past year or so with its Chrome web browser. The browser was first available to Windows users, with Mac and Linux support promised. After what seemed like an eon, age, and an eternity, Google delivered those versions in Late 2009. However, they didn’t have feature parity with their older Windows brother.

Today Google closed that gap significantly with an update to Chrome for Mac (sorry, Linux) by adding support for extensions and bookmark syncing.

Extensions add extra functionality to the browser. I, for one, am anxious for 1Password to finish their Chrome extension, as I can’t truly give a browser a chance without 1Password being easily accessible. 

Bookmark syncing is a great feature for folks with multiple computers. I know my friend, Aaron, was excited to finally have his home and work versions of Chrome talking to each other.

You can get Chrome here or see what Google has to say about the enhancements to Chrome for Mac.

Safari will likely remain as my main browser, but I think Chrome has trumped Firefox as my secondary.