MobileMe Calendar Officially Gets Overhauled

If you’re a MobileMe subscriber, you may want to go check out the spiffy new web-based [Calendar] redesign that went live for everyone today.

I have been beta testing the new Calendar for a couple months, and I like it a lot. It’s extremely reminiscent of the iPad’s Calendar app.

But a fresh coat of paint on the web-based Calendar isn’t all that is going on. MobileMe Calendar has been migrated to an all-new backend, which I believe is CalDAV. There’s a number of new features which you can read about, but my favorite is the ability to share a calendar with someone else and allow that person to edit it as well. As my son gets older, he’ll inevitably have play dates and sporting events and such, and it will be nice for my wife and I to both be able to edit a calendar for him.

It’s nice to see Apple continuing to improve MobileMe into a better product with these redesigns. Now let’s hope for an iDisk overhaul.