MacStories' Scoop on Lion

Yesterday, MacStories published a scoop regarding tomorrow’s Mac-focused event at Apple HQ. I deliberated last week about my hopes and dreams regarding the new cat. According to MacStories’ exclusive, it appears Mac OS X will be receiving some UI elements from iOS.


Apple introduced inertial scrolling to Mac OS X with the Magic Mouse, then added it to the built-in trackpad of the last MacBook Pro and MacBook revision. With the Magic Trackpad, Apple then brought inertial scrolling to the built-in trackpads of previous unibody MacBooks Pros.

So the foundation for a more iOS-like inertial scrolling is already available. Apparently, Lion will bring the rubber-band effect when you hit the top or bottom of content. This may also herald pull to refresh, which has become popular in a few iOS apps, such as Twitter for iPhone, Facebook, and Yowza. Pull to refresh would be pretty nice for Safari.

Minimizing Aqua

Aqua is the user interface design that made Mac OS X look so futuristic ten years ago. It sounds like Aqua will be taking a step back (but not a complete step out) of the user interface. One such withdrawl will be in scrollbars. Replacing Aqua scrollbars will be iOS inspired scrollbars. If you visit Maxvoltar in Safari or Chrome on Mac OS X, you’ll see the Aqua scrollbar replaced with a minimalistic iOS-like scrollbar. That’s what I’m expecting to see in Lion, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the scrollbar faded away when content is stationary.

QuickLook and Popovers

Lastly, MacStories claims QuickLook will look more like popovers on the iPad, but with a white background. Their mockup looks great.