The fine folks over at Realmac software put a little announcement out about LittleSnapper today. LittleSnapper is an app that helps you capture full web pages and other screenshots, organize them (for example, as reference for a certain project), and even mark them up. Over the past few years, LittleSnapper has been a great tool for me for various things.

Back in the day, LittleSnapper had a web service with it, too, called QuickSnapper, which was eventually rebranded as Ember. That service did go by the wayside, unfortunately.

But now the Ember brand is being rekindled (pardon the pun). LittleSnapper 2 will be coming out in July, but it will be called Ember. Honestly, I think it is a better name for the app, and it has one of the most adorable icons you could imagine for an app.

I've been privileged to be testing Ember for the past few months, and while I can't really say anything about it, I will say that you'll want to invest in this app.