The Sweet Setup

Whenever I need to know what the best in a certain class of hardware is, I turn to The Wirecutter and if I need some household goods I turn to their sister site, The Sweethome.

Now I have a place for where to find the best apps out there for Mac & iOS. The talented Shawn Blanc has essentially taken the concept of The Wirecutter and The Sweethome and applied it to software.

Today he launched The Sweet Setup. The goal is not to cover the newest apps, but the best apps.

Seeing picks like 1Password (yeah, yeah, I work for them), Byword, Check the Weather, and Dark Sky reassure me that I have good taste in apps, as all of those have resided on my devices for quite some time.

I really cannot wait to see how The Sweet Setup grows over time, and which amazing apps I should be using that I would never have known about otherwise.