Starbucks Signs Up with Square

I am a huge fan of Square. I use it to accept payments. My wife uses it to accept payments. I use their amazing Pay with Square app to buy coffee at my favroite coffee shop.

Even though I have become a bit snobbish about my coffee in the past year, Starbucks helped me to have an interest in the caffeinated beverage. And I still like Starbucks every now and then, because they were integral into kicking off this little area of my life that I take a little pride in. I still like to go and sit at a Starbucks every now and then, and when I am on the road, I know I can get a fairly decent brew there.

Today, Square and Starbucks have teamed up. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square:

It’s amazing to think that Starbucks began as a single coffee shop in Seattle. The concept of taking a good idea and helping it grow is not foreign to them, and Starbucks doesn’t just view Square as the simplest way to accept payments. They see an opportunity to extend and accelerate a model they grew up with: the idea that business is local and that community plays a vital role in job creation and economic vitality. When Starbucks builds the Square Directory into their apps and in-store Digital Network, it gives Square new visibility, driving more customers to opt-in to Square. And with nearly 7,000 Starbucks stores soon accepting Square, these new payers will be able to find your business (including coffeehouses) and pay with their name, building community and creating value.

This is huge and exciting. I think this is going to be a fantastic partnership for both companies, and I hope more people and businesses sign up for Square.