Verifone Rips Off Square with Sail Reader

I’ve written in the past about Verifone’s malevolent tendencies toward my favorite payment processor, Square. Now, Verifone has come out with their own card reader that works with iOS and Android devices via the headphone jack, and they call it Sail.

This thing looks like they took Square’s handsome reader and added a giant dingus on the back. I carry my Square reader in the little coin pocket of my jeans. I have no idea where I would carry this turd from Verifone. Also, their screenshots of their digital receipts look almost identical to Square’s.

It looks like the percentage per transaction is the same as Square’s, but Verifone also offers a lower 1.95% if you pay $10/month. Maybe that will be attractive to some folks. I wonder if Verifone still requires a merchant account? Square never has.

All in all, this move tells me that Square has been eating a significant portion of Verifone’s lunch, and Verifone is scared that it will go a little hungry.