Cards Updated for Mother's Day

The best kind of app is the one that does one thing really well. When Apple released its Cards app for making physical cards to physically send to someone, I thought it was kind of neat, but I may not have a need for it.

Well, as I was on the road traveling for Easter, I remembered that I forgot to send my Grandmother a birthday card, and I didn’t have time nor opportunity to buy one to send then. So, when my family and I stopped to get out and stretch our legs, I snapped a picture of my boy real quick on my iPhone, dropped it into the Cards app, wrote something nice, and tapped the buy button.

It cost $2.99 to send a custom card, including postage, to my Grandmother. And I did it all in the span of three minutes just off I-29. Often, cards at Hallmark cost more than three bucks and don’t offer that level of personalization. Also, a couple days later, I received a push notification on my phone telling me the card was out for delivery to my Grandma’s house.

Well, today Cards was updated with some new designs for Mother’s Day. I’m already planning to use it for the occasion. Cards is a free app from Apple on the App Store.