¶ iPad 3 Event Predictions for Fun and Profit

Some quick and dirty educated guesses for tomorrow’s event:

  • A new iPad with a retina display. Probably will have a lot of other neat stuff, but I’m stopping at retina display because that is the only thing I am truly positive about.
  • iPhoto for iPad. Heck, maybe for iPhone and iPod, too. It’s the missing piece to complement iMovie and GarageBand.
  • iOS 5.1 with easier access to the camera from the lock screen, plus other goodies.
  • A new Apple TV set-top box that does 1080p, still at $99.
  • Not sure on this, but I’d love to see an Apple universal remote with a touchscreen that could control all my home entertainment crap.

I think it is quite a modest list, and I’m feeling pretty confident on everything but the remote. See you all tomorrow.