Twitterrific 4.3 Syncs Timelines

When it comes to third-party Twitter clients, each one usually needs to find a way to set itself apart. Tweetbot recently added its own push notification service, even offering the ability to set a daily quiet time for when you are asleep.

My favorite twitter app, Twitterrific, has long held its niche with being minimal and offering a unified timeline, showing tweets, mentions, and direct messages all in one continuous timeline. Today, though, the Iconfactory unveiled a new feature to set the blue bird apart from the rest: Tweet Marker.

Tweet Marker works like pure magic. You read some tweets on Twitterrific for Mac, and decide you need to leave your desk for a bit. Simply close Twitterrific, and it sets the top-most tweet in view as the last read tweet. Next, open Twitterrific on your iPhone or iPad, and your timeline auto-scrolls to that marked tweet, signified by a purple bookmark. Read some more tweets, and exit the iOS version of Twitterrific, and then go back to your Mac, and pick up at the latest marked tweet.

This doesn't just work between Mac & iPhone or Mac & iPad, but it works between iPhone & iPad as well.

Twitterrific 4.3 also brings other features to the table, such as initial support for decoding links. Picture services such as TwitPic, yfrog,, and Twitter's Photo service that have been hidden behind links will now open in the photo viewer.

Be sure to read the full changelog (Mac, iOS) and, if you don't already use Twitterrific, pick it up for the Mac or iOS.