¶ STS-135 Atlantis

From NASA:

Emmy-nominated composer Bear McCreary, known for his television scores, has composed a fanfare specifically to commemorate the final space shuttle flight. After composing four seasons of music for a television show set in space, creating music inspired by a historic NASA mission was a natural fit. The composition will be played first on Friday morning at the NASA launch TweetUp.

People viewing the launch from some of the other locations at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida will also be able to hear the composition.

In just over an hour, NASA will launch its final Space Shuttle mission. It truly is the end of an era. McCreary's work on the score for Battlestar Galactica is some of my favorite instrumental music of all time. There isn't a doubt that music can capture and convey great emotion, and I applaud NASA for commemorating the Shuttle program in such a way.

NASA will be releasing McCreary's composition on iTunes soon.

Be sure to watch this historic occasion at 11:31 am EDT via the web, iPhone app, or iPad app.