Intelligentsia Filter Coffee Mug

I love coffee. I have a very difficult time functioning day-to-day without it. I may have a slight caffeine addiction.

Even more so, I love good coffee. I always buy whole bean, and usually I go for a nice blend from TJ's. When I feel like a special treat, I'll buy directly from a roaster. (The latter is my preferred, but it's expensive).

I have a very nice coffee maker that my wife bought me (which I'll go over some other time), and have been pondering trying a french press or aeropress.

One part of my coffee drinking that I haven't really paid much attention to is my mug. I mean, really, it's just a cup with a handle, right? There really can't be much difference, right?


Intelligentsia Filter Coffee Mug

I present the Intelligentsia Filter Coffee Mug. After reading some nice words about this, I decided to purchase it. So far, I'm very happy.

The design is classic, and reminiscent of a 1950's era diner. The red stripe offers a bit of visual flair. When you hold the mug, you can instantly tell that a lot of thought went into its design. It is balanced well, and the handle comfortably accommodates two fingers while the flat top gives secure place for your thumb. That flat top makes all the difference in this mug as it provides the right amount of balance when holding the mug.

The mug holds 9 ounces of coffee (or tea), which is neither too much nor too little for my preference — it's just right. Also, the mug has thick walls, retaining the heat of the coffee for a while longer than most generic mugs.

For $12, it seems a decent price for the thought and design put into something that makes drinking your coffee a little more enjoyable.