50 Percent

Out of the many nice things coming in iCloud, one of the best is backup for iOS devices to the cloud.

David Chartier reports:

A little birdie says that about 50 percent of Apple Store customers who need to get their iPhones swapped have never plugged them into iTunes after the initial activation and sync. This is a big reason, according to this birdie, for why Apple Store Geniuses are excited about iCloud.

Backupophobes can get away with never touching iTunes after activating an iOS device. But folks obviously need to plug them into some kind of power source to recharge which, combined with a reachable WiFi network, is what triggers iCloud’s automatic backup feature.

Fifty percent doesn't surprised me at all. I know far too many iPhone (and iPod touch and iPad) users who never sync their devices. Ever. They don't even realize that there is a built-in backup solution.

Don't even get me started on how few people I know back up their computers.

[via DF]