iPhone App Essentials

I've seen a few of the folks I follow on Twitter get a Verizon iPhone 4 today, and quickly posed the question of what are the must-have apps. Here's my list:

  • A twitter client. My two recommendations are either the official app or my personal favorite, Twitterrific.
  • Apple has some great apps. iBooks for reading (fanatastic for PDFs, also comes with a free copy of Winnie-the-Pooh), Remote to control iTunes or an Apple TV, Apple Store which is handy if you ever need to make an appointment at your nearest Apple Store, and an absolute must-haveFind my iPhone. If you don't sign up for this, you will regret it someday. It's a free service Apple provides, so there isn't an excuse.
  • 1Password Pro is a great standalone password manager, but it is even better when paired with its Mac or Windows counterpart. I recommend syncing your 1Password keychain over Dropbox.
  • Everyone needs a little entertainment in their lives, so I suggest Netflix for watching movies and managing your Instant Queue on the go. Also, Wigglehop is a great way to see what is showing at theaters nearby. And of course, IMDB for when you need to settle a bet about who was in what movie.
  • If you fancy Starbucks and have a registered Starbucks Card, get the Starbucks Card Mobile app so you can reload your account and pay for your coffee all from your phone.
  • I like to take photos, and my favorite apps to do so besides the standard Camera app are Camera+ and Instagram.
  • To keep up on news important to me, I use Instapaper, where I save links for later that I don't have time to currently read, and Reeder to keep up with my RSS subscriptions.
  • I'm a big fan of Amazon Mobile, as it allows me to quickly compare prices when I am in a store, and order if the price is right. To track those shipments from Amazon (or anyone else) I use Delivery Status touch. One last shopping related app is Groceries. This app keeps my wife & I sane in the grocery store.
  • Lastly, a few utilities: LED Light for iPhone 4 Free does one thing well, and that is turning on the iPhone 4's LED as a flashlight. Have a crooked picture on the wall and want it level? The Stanley Bostitch Level is there for you.

Those are some of my favorites. Enjoy your new iPhone 4.