Skitch for iPad

I’ve been a long time user of Skitch on the Mac. It was created by plasq, which pretty much left it in indefinite beta (though it never felt like a beta to me). The app was recently sold to Evernote,which has expanded the product from being on just the Mac to Android, with the promise of Skitch coming to iOS.

Well, half of that promise was fulfilled today with Skitch for iPad. It’s a fantastic little app for marking up a screenshot, website, map, or photo. It exports directly to Evernote, the iPad’s camera roll, email, or Twitter via iOS 5’s Tweet Sheet.

Most often, I want to share a Skitch markup on Twitter, so this is great for me. Especially since I use Twitter mostly on iOS. The iPad version is great, but I really can’t wait to have Skitch on my iPhone.