AirPorts, Friends, & Movies

In addition to iOS 5, iCloud, OS X Lion, iWork, and iPhoto updates today, Apple has also released (at least) three other new apps in the App Store.

  • AirPort Utility: This is a welcome app for me. You can completely set up and manage a wireless network consisting of Time Capsules, AirPort Extremes, or AirPort Expresses. I’ve been working with my church to build out a building-wide wireless network, and being able to use my iPhone or iPad to manage things around the building will be far easier than walking around with my MacBook Pro.

    This also further opens the door for someone to use just an iPad as their main computer, something I know a few friends are planning to do for their parents.

  • Find My Friends: This lets you easily find friends and family who have shared their location with you, either permanently or temporarily. This could be great for impromptu meet ups, but it will be really nice for my wife & I. Let’s say I’m at a meeting, and my wife needs me to stop at the store. Sometimes, I get that text from her right as I’m pulling in the driveway. Now, she could check first to see whether I’m close to home or not.

  • iTunes Movie Trailers: Not only does this provide a nice way for you to watch movie trailers, but you can pop them up on an Apple TV with AirPlay, and you can check show times at local theaters, and share those with friends via email or twitter. I’m a movie nut, so having a highly polished app for showtimes and trailers is very welcome.