Apps Are the Name of the Game for Kindle

I remember on January 28, 2010, when Steve Jobs unveiled the long awaited iPad, I immediately looked at my month-old Amazon Kindle with a feeling of pity. It was soon to be obsolete. By far the best e-book reader in the world was going to be outshone. Sure, eInk is nice, but no one will deny that a color screen is truly captivating. 

And the greatest contrast is the capability of the hardware itself. The Kindle does one thing — read books. At least that’s the only thing it really does well. The iPad can become just about anything one can imagine. An eInk screen can’t stand up to that. And Amazon knows it. 

Have you taken a look at Amazon’s home page in the past few days? No? Here’s a screenc apture of the relevant part, which is front and center at the top of the page.

Amazon is really pushing the free Kindle reading apps across a whole lot of platforms including, you guessed it — the iPad. Even more interesting is the tiny image of the Kindle hardware at the bottom. It’s basically waving about screaming, “Look at me! I’m still relevant! Buy me instead of any of those!”

Come on. The Kindle hardware is likely going to be put out to pasture. My guess is that Amazon really cares about selling eBooks, and they seem more than happy to provide the software for any device you want to read those eBooks on.