Why Command-C When You Can Pastebot?

A while back I mentioned a fun little unit converter for the iPhone called Convertbot. The latest Tapbot to arrive is model 0003, a.k.a. Pastebot.

Pastebot’s purpose is to manage a clipboard of text and images that you copy from various content, whether that is the web, or twitter, or…well, anything that you can copy & paste on your iPhone. The things I love about Convertbot — the elegant, simple, yet fun interface and the mechanical sounds as you interact with the UI — are also found in Pastebot.

To use Pastebot, first, you need to copy something to your clipboard on your iPhone. Once an image or some text is copied, simply open Pastebot, and whatever is currently in the clipboard’s cache is imported. From there, you can apply filters to the content (such as black & white on an image, or convert to all lowercase on text), and/or send them in an email. Also, since Pastebot remembers the last 99 things imported, you can recopy something to the iPhone’s general clipboard to repost elsewhere at any time.

The most shining feature of Pastebot is Pastebot Sync, a Mac preference pane that acts as a wireless bridge between your Mac & iPhone. When your iPhone and Mac are on the same wifi network, and Pastebot is running on your iPhone, anything you copy on your Mac will magically be dropped into Pastebot. Likewise, tap and hold on something in Pastebot’s clipboard manager, and that image or text is pasted wherever your insertion cursor is currently on the Mac, whether that be the address bar, TextEdit, Pages, Keynote, or even an iChat window. You get the picture.

Pastebot sells for $2.99 in the App Store and Pastebot Sync is a free utility on Tapbot’s site.