It Is On.

Well, something is on. Everyone has been running around with their heads unscrewed drooling about the possibility of Apple introducing a tablet later this month. I’ve held off on the drooling so as to not make a total fool of myself until substantial information is available.

However, one of the rumors surrounding the unicorn tablet has been an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (Apple’s favorite iPod event venue) on either the 26th or 27th on January. Apparently Apple sent out the invites to the media this morning (no, I’m not even close to their radar). An event is planned for January 27th and invites the press to “come see our latest creation.”

The invite features a multitude of paint splotches in various colors. Reminds me of the nanos. If it is the tablet, perhaps it will have some art focus? I could speculate a lot more, and likely end up very wrong. I think the safest bet is that Apple will amaze us all, yet again.