Working in the Shed

Matt Legend Gemmell:

We act as if we take concentration for granted, yet everyone has had trouble keeping their mind on the task at hand. We litter our menubars with icons, keep notifications enabled, and run our email programs, chat apps and social media clients all day. Something’s got to give, and invariably it’s our creative output.

I've felt this in past months. The inflow of widgets and wotsits vying for my attention, not to mention people. My focus and attention have been pulled in almost any and every direction imaginable. And something did give, and it was most definitively my creative output.

I have felt completely and totally hampered in my desire and ability to write here. And this past week, I have found that writing in the quiet of the night, just before I turn out my bedside lamp, to be optimal. There is little seeking my attention then.

It's very obvious that I need to scale back some distractions that mean little, so I can enjoy the things I love.