Authentication Baloney

Everyone and their dog in the media seems to be crying foul about Apple over the fact that the new Lightning connector cable includes an authentication chip. And the media is making it out that Apple included the chip to make sure only their $30 cables would work.

Nevermind the fact that the 30-pin dock connector has had an authentication chip since 2005.

Darrell Tan:

When Apple released the iPod Video that was capable of playing videos in 2005, they added video out (composite and S-video), as well as an authentication chip to allow only authorized docks and cables to receive video out (including audio). Soon enough, China caught up with their release of “authorized” accessories, which contain the authentication chip that can be re-purposed for other use.

Hm, pretty sure you can buy cheap 30-pin cables by the boatload. Maybe Apple puts an authentication chip in to make sure the connector works properly and doesn’t fry your phone.

The Lightning cable hasn’t even been on the market for a week, folks. How about we let Apple and the accessory makers make some accessories first.