Sent From My iPad

MG Siegler:

For most tasks on the iPad, I’m fully touch-ready. In fact, I’m now so used to my iPhone and iPad that I reach up to touch the screen of my MacBook more than I’d care to admit. It’s simply a much more natural interface than using a mouse. You see an area you want to take action on? Touch it.

That’s one reason why the iPad is such a powerful tool with children. It just makes sense. There is basically no learning curve.

This thought leads some skeptics to suggest that maybe the iPad is just that: a children’s toy. It’s not a real computer. But that’s crap. Again, I’m a heavy computer user. And I’m getting comfortable enough with the iPad now that I much prefer to use it in the vast majority of computing situations.

I have found that, especially in the past year, I am doing much more of my computing on the iPad. In fact, it is rare that I take my MacBook Pro along on meetings anymore. The iPad is just that much more portable, and, honestly, it is more than capable for many of my daily tasks.