Photofocus Reviews the iPhone 4S Camera

Scott Bourne on the iPhone 4S camera:

I just finally got an Apple iPhone 4s. The camera included with this phone simply blows me away. I now see why under $200 point and shoot sales are dropping like a rock. The pictures you can make with this phone meet or exceed the quality that you can get out of many of the sub $200 point and shoot cameras. In fact, with proper lighting and technique, this camera can perform up to the level of some of the $400 and $500 point and shoots.


The iPhone 4s is one of the most user-friendly cameras in the world. Since you can access this camera for as little as $199 (including the rest of the iPhone) I think it’s a great value. The best camera is the one you have with you and I never go anywhere without my phone, so I always have a camera. And now – I always have a camera that is competent enough to take photos that could print as large as 8×10″ if properly exposed in good light.

I have long followed Scott Bourne as a photographer and highly respect his evaluations. The cameras I own are a Canon EOS 40D, Canon PowerShot G9, and my iPhone 4. The G9 is rarely touched, and the 40D only when I am setting out on a photographic mission. My iPhone 4 is always with me, is quick to use, and takes pretty darn good pictures. And the iPhone 4S camera is better. The G9 does have its rare uses, but I can’t foresee buying another point and shoot to replace it.

More than anything, with each iPhone release, I look forward to what the camera will be like. Like I said, I love my 4, but whatever the next iPhone is, I can’t wait to take pictures with it.