Chuck Skoda talks about his disdain for the term "blog":

When I tell people about this website, I still hesitate whenever referring to it as my blog. The thing is, I really hate that word. ‘Blog’ incites visions of the nearly endless wasteland of garbage.blogspot.com sites that were started in March of 2004 and fell into disrepair a half-dozen posts and two pageviews later.


When I try to boil down the broader category of websites that technochocolate falls into outside of the context of the Internet, they could be pretty accurately described as self-published, editorial columns. Wouldn’t that be a mouthful. But hey, column isn’t bad. Is that too misleading? How about webcolumn?

I also loathe the term "blog". When I tell people I write, they inevitably ask where. I tell them, "My site". And then I hear, "Oh, so you're one of those bloggers". I hate that.

I am not a blogger. I am a writer. When I sit down to type out my thoughts, I agonize over structuring my thoughts correctly into something of value to others.

Webcolumn sounds absolutely fantastic.

My name is Chris De Jabet, and I publish a webcolumn.

[Thanks Ben]