Passwords Matter

With Sony getting hacked every other day (or so it seems), and other major players like Sega, Citi, & WordPress also getting hacked, now is a good time to remind everyone to take password security very seriously.

My favorite tool for managing passwords is 1Password. It's available for OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android. By all means, go get this app, or something a heck of a lot like it.

Also, if you have 1Password already, but you're still just using one password within it, it is time to change that. Trust the software, let it make unique passwords for all the sites that you have accounts with. Do it now.

The beauty of 1Password is that I only need to remember one master password. If a site I use becomes compromised, I can rest assured that the password that was scraped cannot be used to log in anywhere else. Then I can just generate a new password for that site.

The only weak link, then, is that master password. Thankfully, AgileBits, the makers of 1Password, handed out some pointers today. It's a long read, and could be a bit difficult to wrap your head around, but if your care about your own online security, you'll give it a read through and apply it to your digital life.