iOS 4.3

Grab your sync cable and fire up iTunes, because iOS 4.3 is out.

Some of the update goodness for all devices includes a faster JavaScript engine in Safari, called Nitro; enhanced AirPlay features; iTunes Home Sharing; HD Video Out; Push Notifications for Ping; and bug fixes.

The iPhone 4 gets Personal Hotspot, which lets you turn your iPhone's 3G connection into a WiFi hotspot to connect your laptop, iPad, or any other WiFi device. This pretty much guarantees that I'll never buy a 3G-capable iPad.

And specifically for the iPad, 4.3 gives users the option of whether the side switch acts as a mute switch or orientation lock. The iPad initially shipped with the switch as an orientation lock, which Apple switched to being a mute switch in 4.2.1. I've missed the orientation lock and am resounding hallelujahs.

Safari does indeed seem snappier and iTunes Home Sharing works like a dream.

Overall, a fantastic update.