Version Three

Earlier today, when my host, design, and content management system Squarespace unveiled an overhaul their styling & theme structure, I got the drive to scratch the redesign itch I have been feeling for quite a while.

I like to stay current with things, and after perusing their revamped styles, I could see that there was a lot more room for customization. So, I settled on the updated and re-envisioned fork of the theme I originally started with, and went to town hacking and tweaking. (I have so much more to learn about CSS).

After a few hours, here we are at techēse v3. Content is front and center. Nav is back up top, instead of being the only thing in an otherwise wasteful sidebar. Generally, everything has been cleaned up. Let me know if anything looks weird, and I’ll do my best to tweak it into submission.

Enjoy the third design of techēse as we head into its third year of existence.