Android Bias

Anthony Pafford runs commentary on a Verizon press release that supposedly promotes the iPhone 4S. His comments are bracketed throughout the presser:

Oct 14, 2011 - Apple iPhone 4S has arrived

Just in time for shoppers to start thinking about the holidays, along comes another iPhone.

[oh, *another *iPhone….]

The Apple iPhone 4S hits stores today, Friday, October 14th.

[Now the good bit—]

Although the look and feel remain the same,

[you don’t ‘Although’ in an overall positive message or lead with a negative if you want to promote a product.]

most of the new features

[not all of the new features?]

bring the iPhone 4S up to par with many of Verizon’s current models

[up to par? So the iPhone 4 was below par and it’s new features only serve to bring it up to par with some other Verizon devices that apparently set the standard. What device could it be that plays such an acceptable game of golf?]

and in some cases even surpass the Android technology.

[Wow! You mean to tell me in this obligatory press release about the new Apple iPhone that the new model serves to play catch up with the amazing features of Android phones and even occasionally does better? Sign me up for this acceptable but lagging technology!]

It gets even more biased the more you read. Ever since the Verizon iPhone debuted earlier this year, I’ve had the impression this is an uneasy alliance between Verizon and Apple. Even the event announcing the Verizon iPhone seemed demurred with reluctance between the two companies.

Make sure you hit up the link above to read the rest of Anthony’s thoughts.