A Very Happy Mac

Press the power button. Hear the delightful ‘bong’ of the bootup chime. Smile upon seeing the Happy Mac.

One of my fondest memories from my early days of computing was getting to toy with my parents’ Mac Classic. There were few games, but I was fascinated nonetheless. Our home Mac was light years ahead of what we had at my elementary school (IBM’s running DOS). Ever since, I’ve always liked to be ahead of the curve technologically.

I have always loved that Happy Mac, and I am a bit saddened that it isn’t around in OS X anymore. Thankfully, my wife knows how much I love the Happy mac icon, and when the icon’s designer, Susan Kare, started selling prints, well, let’s just say my wife gave me the perfect Christmas gift.

Happy Mac

I have the 8.5 x 11” print, No. 55 of 200, signed by the artist herself.

This is by far my most prized gift from Christmas, and is the perfect blend of geekery and art. Ms. Kare has many icons to choose from. Check them out.