iPad Already Putting Nails in Flash's Coffin

Just a tasty little nugget from Macrumors:

…if you visit CBS.com using the iPad SDK Simulator or spoofing your browser’s User-Agent to impersonate an iPad, you are sent to a different version of the video: [image]

This new version of the video does not yet work but appears to be based on HTML5. The css filesreference HTML5 and have a number of “webkit” specific calls. Webkit is the browser engine used in the iPad’s mobile safari. While the videos don’t currently play, the “fullscreen mode” reportedly already works in the iPad simulator.


Apple has been a strong proponent of HTML5 and has suggested it as an alternative solution to Flash. It appears at least one major network will be supporting HTML5 alongside Flash video to deliver their content at iPad launch.

Imagine if Hulu were to do something like this. I can’t wait for most of the Internet to transition away from Flash.