AT&T Announces iPhone MMS Availability

iPhone 3.0 Messages Icon by hosted by Ember AT&T today announced MMS availability for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. The service will be available on September 25, 2009 via a software update.

MMS arrived as a feature of iPhone OS 3.0 in June. iPhone carriers around the world were able to support the feature, found on almost any mobile phone in the past few years, on launch day. However, AT&T has not yet supported the feature. As the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the US, many customers (myself included) have been disappointed by AT&T.

I have to wonder if the software update AT&T is speaking of will be a simple carrier profile update or if they have accidentally announced the release date of iPhone OS 3.1. I posited yesterday that iPhone OS 3.1 would show up at next week’s iPod event, just as iPhone OS 2.1 did last year. This could still happen as Apple could issue a small carrier profile update for MMS on the 25th, but I wouldn’t put it past Apple to release 3.1 for the new iPod touch models and say it will be out in a couple of weeks for iPhone users.

Time will tell. 6 days to be exact.