Happy Birthday, App Store


One year ago today, the App Store graced iPhones and iPods touch everywhere. I remember that July day very clearly. I arrived at the Village Pointe Apple Store in Omaha, NE at 6 am to stand in line. I bought my iPhone 3G (16 GB, black), and then waited…


I waited because the iPhone 3G was so freaking popular that the activation servers had melted! Well, I assume they melted. I remember leaving my iPhone docked to my Mac, waiting for the activation to complete. I gave up and took a nap. A good two hours later I heard the siren’s call from the home office. It sounded like a sword unsheathing. It was the sound the iPhone makes when docked. I bolted from my bed and ran to my iPhone! Activation Complete.


The first thing I did was to explore the App Store. To see what was available. I remember my first download was actually a purchase. Twitterrific Premium. I assume most people’s first download was a freebie. The next app was Facebook. Yes, I like social networking. Then, Apple’s Remote app. Then AIM (which sucks, and still does. Apple, can we please just have an iChat app?)


To say the App Store is a hit would be an understatement. It’s no wonder Apple is giving away iPods touch to the college kids two summers in a row. At a 30% cut on paid apps, it’s a money maker for our favorite fruit company. Even factoring in the costs of the servers and such, Apple’s profit out of 30% of a 99-cent app is likely much greater than a 99-cent music track. Although the sheer volume of music sales would clearly blow away the profits of the App Store.


Anyways, to commemorate the App Store’s first birthday, I thought I’d share a little list of my favorite apps. [All links go to iTunes]


  • Twitterrific 2 (ad-supported free, ad-free $3.99): My favorite Twitter client. Honestly, I am surprised I have worn a hole in the upper left corner of my iPhone’s screen, that’s how often this app gets used.

  • Remote (free): A very awesome app to control iTunes and your Apple tv. Straight from the fruit company, so you know it’s delicious.

  • 1Password ($4.99, $5.99 Pro): Syncs with the wonderful 1Password on the Mac. Allows you to access sites and auto-fill logins and passwords securely on the go.

  • Delivery Status touch ($2.99): A great app to track your deliveries. This has become even more handy with the introduction of Copy & Paste in OS 3.0, as before it was a bit of a bear to get your tracking info into the app. This app supports more couriers than you can shake a stick at.

  • Groceries ($3.99): I bought this app thinking it was a neat idea. Now, it is used weekly for shopping trips. The user interface is top notch, And the ability to add custom items to the database is great. Needless to say, it comes with quite a great deal of items in the database right from the start.

  • Stanley Level (free): My wife and I were hanging pictures in our apartment, and like a true geek, I don’t own a level (it’s strange that I actually own a hammer). Well, our pictures were looking a little crooked, and I explained to my wife that I don’t have a level, and we’d have to go get one. Then, I remembered that the App Store has everything, from Twitter clients to Fart apps, and yes – even levels. There are many free level apps out there, and some may even be better, but you can’t go wrong with a Stanley level, right? Guess what, it actually works, and it works darn well.

Well, those are a few of my favorites. Happy birthday, App Store. Live Long and Prosper.