Improving Memory

The other day I upgraded the memory in my unibody MacBook Pro from the stock 2 GB to 4 GB. The kit I selected was the Crucial 4 GB 204-pin PC3-8500 DDR3 1066 MHz. I bought it on Amazon for $58 (the price seems to fluctuate weekly between $55 and $70). This is much cheaper than the $150 Apple wants for a 4 GB upgrade.

The upgrade was drop dead simple. I just had to remove the battery plate, take out 8 screws, and pop the memory in. In fact, the biggest shocker when I opened up my MacBook Pro was that there was a fair amount of dust in the fans. This makes me think I’ll give the internals of my machine a visit every 6 months with the can of compressed air. Another note about the inside of this beast: Wow, it’s gorgeous in there. Geek heaven.

I made a little video for your enjoyment. The music is Audio Adrenaline’s Worldwide:One [iTunes] in honor of this being Worldwide Developer’s Conference week.

(As luck would have it, I shot this a couple days ago using my Canon G9, and two days later my wife gives me a Kodak Zx1 which shoots in high def. Oh well. Next time.)

Upgrading MacBook Pro Memory from Chris De Jabet on Vimeo.