Customer Service is Alive and Well


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I don’t usually post non-tech related things here, but this is my blog, and I can do what I want, right? Besides, circuits and code are inspired by geeks who consume mass amounts of caffeine, right?

Well, tonight, I had a great customer service experience at one of the local Starbucks.

10:10 pm. I have a half hour drive ahead of me and I am worn out. I want some coffee to perk me up for the drive, and I know a Starbucks is just down the block. I’m also pretty sure they close at 10.

As I approach, I notice that the lights are on and people are inside. I pull in. I walk up to the door, and go inside. The guy behind the counter glances up at me and says, “What can get started for you?”

I put in my order for a tall caramel apple spice for my wife, and a venti caramel brulée latte for me. (Yes, venti. Yes, after 10 pm. I know, I’m addicted to caffeine). The guy sets about to making the drinks.

I pull out my wallet, waiting for him to have a chance to ring me up. He glances up from the espresso machine. “Ah, don’t worry about it. The registers locked me out at 10. I just left the doors open so the folks sitting inside can take their time. It’s on the house.”

This is great customer service. Sure, the company lost out on five and a half bucks or so, but this deepened the loyalty of an already loyal customer. The server took care of the customer instead of turning me away, when he surely could have just said, “Sorry, we’re closed.”

Too often, customer service gets thrown down the drain these days. This experience was a refreshing change of pace.

And yes, free coffee does taste a little better.