Multitouch Trick with QuickLook

QuickLook logo hosted by EmberI recently discovered a neat little trick about QuickLook. It occurred by accident, but I have since been using it quite a bit.

There is one requirement, you must have a trackpad that has all the multitouch capabilities, specifically the pinch/zoom gesture. Also, I have only tested this on Snow Leopard, so I have no idea if this works on Leopard.

Basically, highlight a file, tap the spacebar to enable QuickLook, then use the pinch/zoom gesture by drawing your two fingers away from each other. QuickLook will expand the document out into fullscreen.

To reverse the process, use pinch/zoom in the opposite direction, drawing your fingers together, and you’ll return to the normal QuickLook HUD window.

I have found this extremely useful for viewing images, and especially documents where I just quickly need some information, but the font renders too small in the HUD window to read.

I hope this little hint has helped you out. If any of you are still running Leopard, let us all know if this works for you.

Too bad the Magic Mouse doesn’t do pinch/zoom. By the way, mine is set to arrive Friday, watch out for a review around then.