Griffin TuneFlex AUX with SmartClick

TuneFlex SmartClick Video Review from Chris De Jabet on Vimeo.

Remember how I was talking about Griffin Technology's great customer service? Well, I thought it was great when they sent me an iSqueez (discontinued product) as an olive branch because the TuneFlex AUX for iPhone wasn't ready in time for my big trip. Now, the object of my desire is available.

Griffin announced Tuesday the TuneFlex AUX with SmartClick, compatible with the iPhone and iPhone 3G. And I've already acquired one to put through the paces!


I should also note this also works with 2007's and 2008's models of the iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod classic. And by works I mean it has adapters to secure them to the dock connection. Earlier models probably work as well, if you have the adapter to keep them properly in place.

The TuneFlex with SmartClick is a nice piece of equipment. It works much like the TuneFlex AUX of 2008, except it has this convenient remote that attaches to your steering wheel. The SmartClick remote controls play/pause, track forward/backward, fast forward/reverse, shuffle songs/albums, and it controls the backlight of your iPod or iPhone.

The TuneFlex with SmartClick performs flawlessly with my iPhone. I am loving the line-out quality to my car stereo. It frees up my cupholders, so both my wife and I will be able to enjoy those on road trips, and that remote is oh-so-handy!

The TuneFlex SmartClick is available now for $79.99.

Griffin Technology, you guys did a great job.


A note to my readers: I know I've been writing about a lot of Griffin products lately. But I also write about Apple products a lot. I write about beautiful products with exceptional craftsmanship, and I can't help that Griffin makes exceptionally beautiful products that just fit so well with Apple's beautifully exceptional products.

Disclaimer: Griffin did send me the TuneFlex free of charge due to their exceptional customer service. This was not done in exchange for a good review, or even a review at all. I had been planning to purchase it myself, but I was told several different ship dates that were missed, hence their customer service department took it upon themselves to send me one. I just wanted to disclaim this for legal/ethical reasons.