¶ Twenty-Thirteen

Happy New Year. I had planned to have some grand post about what is coming up for techēse this year, but I don’t have anything concrete planned. I have an updated design on Squarespace 6 (I’m currently on Squarespace 5) that I hope to launch soon, as long as a couple components on Squarespace’s end fall into place. The new design would include responsiveness for smaller screens, and a few other goodies.

More than anything, I am conscious that most posting has dropped off quite a bit. I’ve had a lot of changes in my life the past few months, and I am still settling into new roles and routines. More so, I have felt a lot like I have been repeating what others are already saying.

I feel like my voice is not my own, and in order to find it I need to write more. I’ve known this, but I have been afraid of it.

And then I read an article today by John Acuff that was a fricken kick in the pants.

So what now?

As we face 2013 down and our fifth year of this blog, what do we do going forward?

That’s the question I’ve been wrestling with for the last three months.

And I think the answer is we get messy again.

We let go of the sanitized ideas, the safe ideas, the easily digestible ideas.

And we open the gates and seize the day. (Newsies!)

Go read John’s entire post, because it’s awesome.

While my site has not become “big”, I have the same fears. I have enough readers to where I feel the compulsion to placate by not challenging any ideas. And that is why I have been another “me too” and I am tired of it.

So, I do not how things will progress this year. But I know I’ve lost my voice (or maybe never fully found it). I need my voice. And maybe in order to find it I need to let things get a little messy.